1. PPE Long Tube Header 2.5

PPE Long Tube Header 2.5

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 MX-5 Miata Long Tube Header
 SCCA STR class legal

 PPE's long tube header with mid-pipe it the best choice for increasing midrange torque and top end gains.  Our testing shows a noticeable increase in midrange power over other short tube headers.  A must have for any track car!

Header features:

  • Longer, equal length runners
  • Designed for the 2.5 MZR swap
  • 1.75 inch primary tubes
  • Bolt-in design
  • Includes midpipe with 5" round catalytic converter in stock location
  • includes 5" round Magnaflow resonator in the midpipe
HUGE midrange torque gain over other short tube headers.

Requires extending O2 sensor wires or purchasing aftermarket wiring extensions.

*not legal for street use. Removes front catalytic converter