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Mid Pipe Installation Extension Cord

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Part Number: GWR-OTS-L
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This is a recommended option for the RoadsterSport Max Power Header. This is an extension cord for the FIRST O2 sensor which does provide fuel trim data to the factory ECU. With both O2 sensors out your NC will run the safe default map which is overly rich. Better choice is this first extension cord which makes extending your first O2 sensor to our RoadsterSport midpipe's O2 bung easy PLUG AND PLAY. Yes....we also offer the LONGER extension cord for the second O2 sensor. Note that the plugs for each sensor are unique so that it is impossible to mix them. Extension cord uses thermal insulated wire and factory connectors and care should be take to make sure the connectors do not contact the hot header because while the wires are thermally protected the connectors can melt if left in contact with the header.