1. Ecutek Tuning File Forced Induction Install

Ecutek Tuning File Forced Induction Install

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This part number is specific for those customers with aftermarket forced induction systems installed on their factory normal atmo platforms. Please select the type of Forced Induction system from the drop down menu above.

This package is for customers who  have upgraded to FI, or want a custom calibration,  and already have the EcuTek ProEcu kit. 
Requires a License for new installations. Please see PRO-1122

It is strongly suggested that if you are converting to FI, that you purchase and install a 3 BAR MAP sensor to allow perfect, Boost-based fueling and load. We offer the TRU-BOOST (LINK)system, that is a complete Plug-n-Play set up for your Mazda!

This a complete turn key calibration written in house for YOUR car, and adjusted, via data logs, to perfection to fit YOUR car. 

There are no cookie cutter, one size fits all, calibrations here!
Unlike some of our competitors, we hand write each and every file, for each and every customer.
Each calibration includes unlimited updates for your car, one on one consultation with the calibrator writing you file, and indepth explanations of your data so you are part of the tuning team, not just a customer!

This price is for one(1) calibration file; if you own a platform with multi map switch functions, this includes all RaceRom features configured to your desire, a base(stock) map, a 91 oct map,a 93 oct map, and an E85 map.

Lifetime file updates within the same induction category!!!!

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