1. Ecutek -Normal Atmospheric MX5 2006-2015

Ecutek -Normal Atmospheric MX5 2006-2015

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World Class Tuning meets World Class EcuTek software

Dynotronics was the very first tuner in the United States to bring you the World Class tuning software from EcuTek. Over 5 years in development, this tuning suite rocked the Miata world when it was released. We have continued to use this to refine, and develop our equally World class calibrations for this great platform! 

This is the complete tuning package for your Normal Atmospheric Induction vehicle.

  • software
  • vehicle license
  • custom calibration
  • 1 on 1 file consultation 
  • easy to follow pdf instructions
  • free remote access software help
  • 24/7 emergency contact number

Lifetime file updates within the same induction category!!!!

  • no need to pay for updates
  • no worrying about  "outdated" files
  • simple one cost upgrade to Forced Induction

There are no cookie cutter, one size fits all, calibrations here!

    • no "Off The Shelf" (OTS) files
    • complete turn key calibration written in house for YOUR car, and adjusted, via data logs, to perfection to fit YOUR car.
    • unlike some of our competitors, we hand write each and every file, for each and every customer.
    • in-depth explanations of your data so you are part of the tuning team, not just a client!

    Vehicle Interface
    Vehicle to PC(laptop) interface is required to access the PCM( Powertrain Control Module), or what is know generically as the ECU( Electronic Control Unit) in your car. This is accomplished with the state of the art EcuTek ProECU Calibration kit.The ProECU Programming Kit can be used by car enthusiasts and owner clubs to both diagnose and program a wide variety of vehicles.

    This hardware,combined with the EcuTek ProECU software allows you view real time data in graphic form.

    Hardware options


    select the rental option above and you will receive one of our loaner ProECU kits. This comes complete with a return label and packaging. When completed with your calibration, simply drop the hardware in the local USPS box, and it will be returned to us. Once returned, you will be credited the applied deposit (350.00) less shipping and a nominal fee of 35.00 for the use


    select the "purchase' option above, and you will receive your very own ProECU tuning kit. It will be delivered, free of charge(inside the USA), VIA USPS priority mail within 2-3 days of order(weekends and holidays notwithstanding) 

    N H R

    If you already own, or have access to a ProECU tuning kit, select this option. The kit you have must be licensed to Dynotronics, or you must be willing to have the license changed to facilitate the issue of a new ECU(vehicle) license that is included with this calibration kit. We can guide you through this process when the time comes

    Stock Calibration vs. Dynotronics tuned 

     2013 MX-5  with PPE long tube header only

    Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

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