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The ULTIMATE vehicle ECU interface system 

At its simplest, the ProECU can be used for diagnostics and data-logging. Its feature rich design allows several levels of ECU Tuning to fit your requirements;


Base Tuning files are designed for your vehicle, and your regions top shelf, premium fuel. They are supplied free of charge with every ProECU kit. These files are based on years of tuning experience on each platform that we support. They are designed for a stock, or near stock vehicle, and are intended as a first step on your tuning journey. If you modifications such as CAI, or header( Normal Atmospheric), or turbo changes, and downpipe, you will need a custom tuning solution.


Following the PDF instruction manual, you will be guided through the process in a seamless fashion. From beginning to end, the journey to a custom tuned calibration for your car will take place with Dynotronics supplied custom tuned ROM files for your car. You can then use the kit to program these ROM files, data-log the car and send the logs to the Dynotronics for review and adjustment. Custom tuning comes with a lifetime update policy. As long as you own the car, and stay within the same file type(Normal Atmospheric, Forced induction, E85, Flex), your data review, and file update are free of charge.

Your file will be assigned to one of our tuners, and they will be with you the from  start to finish via our industry leading support ticket system. 24/7 technical support is included should you encounter any issues. One on one REAL TIME REMOTE SERVICE can be added to this level if you require more in-depth support. 

In addition to the hands on service with this level of tuning, all custom calibrations performed with EcuTek are available with RaceRom "features". 

RaceRom Overview

What is RaceROM?

RaceROM is a feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning and driving capabilities.  

Why add Features to the Standard ECU?

Without question the OEM ECU offers the best cold start, driveability and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra  features, that many owners want. Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost.

Now with EcuTek RaceROM this compromise is no longer necessary. By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options, offering features beyond the standard fuelling, ignition and boost control, yet retaining the original driveability, sophistication and fuel economy.

The features available for each vehicle type are detailed on separate pages. Please click on the link for each feature below to see more information on each individual feature we offer. Note that due to the technical limitations of some ECUs it is not possible to provide all features on all vehicles.

Custom tuning is for those that have gone beyond the edge of the "stock" vehicle. If you have any engine modifications, this is the best option for your car. From simple updates, such as CAI (Cold Air intake), and headers/ full exhaust, to the full blown turbo install, with larger fuel system, and all the trimmings, Dynotronics has you covered!


The ProECU Kit allows ROM-file viewing and editing for the Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT-86 / Scion FR-S and Mazda MX-5 models. This is a perfect option for those with a tuning background, or those wanting to learn more about tuning.


ProECU MX-5 is the FREE addition to the ProECU Kit that enables owners to tune their own 3rd Generation (NC) Mazda MX-5.

Click here for more information


ProECU BRZ is the FREE addition to the ProECU Kit that enables owners to tune their own Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota GT-86.

Click here for more information

Diagnostics & Data Logging

The ProECU Programming Kit comes bundled with data-logging for vehicles that you program, EcuTek's ProECU Diagnostic Tools for Subaru and Nissan GT-R are also included.

Supported Vehicles

The list of vehicles supported by the ProECU Programming Kit is constantly growing. It will be added to as EcuTek develop support for further vehicles.

ECU Programming License

Each ECU programmed will require a flash licence, which is supplied by Dynotronics. Extra flash licenses can be purchased HERE. Share a programming kit with your friends or your car club – there's no need to buy kits for each vehicle you want to tune!