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We offer 5 stages of ESSLINGER SPORT CAMS performance VCT camshafts for 2.0L/2.5L Mazda and 2.5L Ford Duratec engines (6 tooth cam trigger). These cams cover a wide range of applications from mild pump gas bolt-on equipped engines up to wild all-out high rpm track terrors!

Stage 1 cams are for unopened 2L & 2.5L n/a engines and also work extremely well in turbo engines
Stage 2 cams work well in unopened Hot-Street 2L & 2.5L n/a engines
Stage 3 cams are similar in duration to Stage 2 but require aftermarket pistons with deeper valve reliefs.
Stage 4 cams for high compression street engines that have aftermarket pistons with deeper valve reliefs
Stage 5 cams are for racecars with 12:1 compression or higher

*** Stage 1 & 2 cams are can be run with the OEM valvesprings. Stage 3 through 5 require valvespring kit found here: SPORT CAMS Ti Retainer Valvespring Kit ***

During back to back dyno testing a mild 2.5L Ford Duratec street engine showed the following gains:

Stage 1 SPORT CAMS gained +19hp & 18ft.lbs
Stage 2 SPORT CAMS gained +27hp & 15ft.lbs
Stage 3 SPORT CAMS gained +29hp & 13ft.lbs

At no point above 3600rpm did the SPORT CAMS make less power than OEM cams, and in addition to the huge gains across the middle part of the powerband, at 7200rpm the cams gained:

Stage 1 SPORT CAMS gained +18hp!
Stage 2 SPORT CAMS gained +35hp!
Stage 3 SPORT CAMS gained +43hp!

All testing was done on the on the engine dyno with a street 2.5L Duratec. Dyno engine specs:

Esslinger upgraded Valvespring kit
Esslinger 13:1 compression pistons
+4mm "Long" rods
Balance shaft delete
MX-5 intake manifold w/ 62mm cable throttlebody
Esslinger spec Cometic Head Gasket
ARP Head & Main Studs
1-5/8" to 1-3/4" header w/ merged collector
No porting, no oversize valves, not even a performance valvejob!

Cam Specs:

Stage 1: Intake - .393" lift & 220deg duration @ .050", Exhaust .352" lift & 219deg duration @ .050"
Stage 2: Intake - .400" lift & 238deg duration @ .050", Exhaust .400" lift & 227deg duration @ .050"
Stage 3: Intake - .429" lift & 235deg duration @ .050", Exhaust .397" lift & 233deg duration @ .050"
Stage 4: Intake - .460" lift & 246deg duration @ .050", Exhaust .400" lift & 238deg duration @ .050"
Stage 5: Intake - .477" lift & 254deg duration @ .050", Exhaust .400" lift & 243deg duration @ .050"

All SPORT CAMS are sold as a pair of cams ground on brand new OEM cam cores and include our hardened shims to maintain the ability to use the OEM range of cam buckets for lash adjustment!