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We LOVE the EFR turbo kit that our friends at FAB9 build. And it is our defacto go to for very high output NC's, both on the 2.0 and 2.5. But we felt that there was a market for something a bit less expensive, and more tailored to the DIY folks. We have 5-6 requests a month from folks looking for more than the stock car can offer, but less a more wallet happy price point. Sooooooooo..........

What we did first was look around at all the other kits out there and while there are not many, there seemed to be a wide swing in the quality and design of each kit. The biggest, by far, issue we saw was the low quality of the manifolds being produced.  Design and flow is a pretty important consideration on a turbo manifold, but if it does not hold up for the duration, what good is it? Building a high quality manifold is the hardest part of an aftermarket turbo kit, it ain't something anyone can do with a tig welder and some tube.

So to that end, we set out to build the best manifold bar none for our kits. It took some time, and a bunch of testing with various vendors, but we think we have a winner here! As you can see from the attached pictures, these are very well built units. I believe the only thing better would be cast stainless.

Built from stainless alloy, the manifold starts out with a 1/2 inch thick, laser cut flange. This is then mated to a set of jig built primary tubes fabricated from schedule 40 pipe. The whole manifold it jig welded in an fully enclosed argon enviroment to avoid carbon incusion, and promote complete penetration at all the weldments. Last the completed unit is allowed to temper, and then both the head to manifold, and manifold to turbo flange are surfaced perfectly flat to insure no sealing issues( a really big deal we saw on many other manifolds). This thing is a tank folks, it is not going to fail on you( we back it up with a 3 year warranty, thats how sure we are)

With the manifold issue solved, we then set out to find the highest quality turbo for our system. While I am very fond of the EFR, they are just stupid expensive, and since the target price of this kit was to be extreemly buyer friendly, we wanted to find a nice fit with a GT style unit. Sooooooo........ after talking to the folks that make our unit for the Stealth, they came up with a bespoke set up for this kit; it is a GT28 with billet wheels, ceramic ball bearings, water cooled, and oil fed. I'm not going to give out the exact specs on this turbo, but will say it was designed more for the average buyer that wants a top end output of 260ish WHP. Spool is very nice and the boost comes on in the sweet spot of the average 2.0, and runs out of breath around 7k. Best of all, these units come with a 3 year warranty!

The plumbing is all mandrel bent aluminum alloy with a powdercoated finish.The exhaust manifold is ceramic coated standard.

The kits come complete with the corrrect size injectors, fuel pump, hoses, tuning, and a full set of detailed, illustrated instructions.

We set out to build the highest quality, hell for stout turbo system at a budget friendly price that would make very good power gains, and frankly, we think we hit the mark, and we think you will too!

 Due to production times, these kits should ship in 2-3 weeks, however we reserve the right to delay shipment for up to one additional week. If shipping will be delayed, you will be notified via email before hand. We will make every effort to assure this does not happen, but in some cases we are at the mercy of our vendors for some parts.