1. Corten-Miller Rotrex Supercharger System

Corten-Miller Rotrex Supercharger System

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Tom Corten-Miller and the lads at C-M have hit another home run ; Turbo boost levels and efficiency with Supercharger linear output!

Based upon the Rotrex C30-94 Centrifugal design with superior efficiency, silent operation and self contained oiling system, combined with it’s unique patented traction drive technology it offers the smoothest linear power delivery. The supercharger supplies airflow of up to 0.39kg/s reaching impeller speeds of up to 100,000RPM combining small size with exceptional performance & durability.


The C-M Rotrex supercharger kit’s true strength lies in exploiting the exceptional balance and poise the chassis has from the factory. Retaining the car’s OEM smooth, linear power delivery characteristics, with no spikes in torque are in keeping with the MX5’s character.

Fitment behind the front bumper, offers protection from the elements & is the perfect location for cooling down the charge air generated by the Rotrex, offering reduced heat soak for a maximum safe power and reliable horse power increase. Using a high quality core, hand fabricated & welded by highly skilled craftsmen, our inter-cooler offers excellent thermal properties, flow characteristics & all with minimal pressure drop. The reusable foam air filter can be cleaned at service to maintain maximum performance & air filtration properties.


Over 3 years of development and testing on three continents has given the C-M Rotrex system a winning edge over any of the fly by night kits on the market. Dynotronics was offered the opportunity to install, tune, and long term test on of these units in North American. 15,000 miles of cross country, mixed city, and track testing have shown us that this is the finest, no excuses Rotrex system on the market.


One of the twists to the C-M rotrex kit is that it is sold WITH installation. Having been around the MX 5 aftermarket business for many years, tom Corten-Miller realised that 90%  of the aftermarket FI kits installed had problems; bad fit, poor connections, incomplete, or just plan bad workmanship. These issues have ruined many decent aftermarket systems over the years, and left more than a few misconceptions about how good aftermarket FI can be.

So to solve this, C-M came up with the unique idea of  only selling the C-M Rotrex kit ONLY through trained and tested installing dealers in each region of the world. Think of it, a flawless FI kit, with a flawless install! No leaks, no drips, no excuses, and NO DISAPPOINTMENTS! 


Dynotronics is please to have been involved with the testing of this fine offering from C-M. And now we have been awarded the opportunity to bring that same fun to you, the customer, as a C-M authorized Dealer/Installer.

Once you purchase, one of our team will contact you to set up installation scheduling for your car. Each installation begins with a through inspection of your car from top to bottom, and a "before" dynomometer test to establish a firm bottom line you can see. Our trained techs will then install the complete C-M kit, and any supporting modifications required for the kit level you select. Once finished, the kit will be tuned using  EcuTek software with RaceRom features, and completely road tested at least 200 miles. An "after" dynomometer test will allow us to tweak your file, and give you a final no BS  power increase result on your car.


Dynotronics will be training a few select installation shops around the United States to carry out the C-M Rotrex kit installations to a level above. If you have a shop in mind that has an interest in becoming a authorized installation shop, please have them contact Dynotronics to inquire.


Existing Client..............................No charge  for existing clients with current Ecutek license
New Client....................................Upcharge for non clients with a current ecutek license
New Install....................................No prior tuning, or tuning with a different platform
Pro Ecu Purchase.........................For those that wish to keep the tuning hardware. Suggested
Pro Ecu Rental Deposit................Return kit when complete. 300.00 will be credited to your account upon return
Turn Key.......................................Shop installation for standard kit