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Bench Tuning- BDM SMART CAR 451

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Tuning file written for your car, your fuel, and your driving style. 


Bench Flash Tuning files are designed for your SMART CAR, and your regions top shelf, premium fuel. These files are based on years of tuning experience on each platform that we support. They are designed for a stock, or near stock vehicle, and are intended as a first step on your tuning journey. If you modifications such as CAI, or header( Normal Atmospheric), or turbo changes, and downpipe, you will need a custom tuning solution.

You will need to remove your ECU from your car to send to us for this service. Once received, we will promptly read out your calibration, adjust the correct tables, write the file back into the unit, and return it to you, in a padded and insured box via USPS Priority Mail. The tracking number will be updated on our webstore order page so you can track it back to your door.


On the 451 with the Bosch ecu, we are able to offer "clone" service. What this means, in simple terms, is that we can take your original ecu, read the complete information package ( calibration,ID, and VIN) and install that information into a second ecu that will run your car. We can then install the tuned file on the second ecu giving you an original, and a tuned ecu!

Clone service fees are complete with shipping and insurance for the second unit.

You will need to send your original, and the unit you wished to be cloned. We can provide a donor unit for an added cost. Please contact support for pricing on donor units as prices vary with the market

Please see our information page for full, easy to read, removal and installation instructions;

Once you make your purchase, remove your ECU, and view our shipping instructions page;