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Bench Tuning- BDM MAZDA

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Tuning file written for your car, your fuel, and your driving style. 


Bench Flash Tuning files are designed for your vehicle, and your regions top shelf, premium fuel. These files are based on years of tuning experience on each platform that we support. They are designed for a stock, or near stock vehicle, and are intended as a first step on your tuning journey. If you modifications such as CAI, or header( Normal Atmospheric), or turbo changes, and downpipe, you will need a custom tuning solution.


Clone ECU's are second ECU's for your car with the same VIN, and Immobilizer codes. We offer cloning for all Mazda ECU's. You must ship your original ECU to us for the process. Please allow 24-48 hours for completion

Once you make your selections, and your purchase, remove your ECU, and carefully package it to ship. Please make sure to wrap your unit in a bubble wrap bag. Ship to; 


204 Sage Parkway

Marion, Texas 78124

Attn; Bench Flash Dept

Please include a copy of your printed invoice, and your daytime contact information. An email will be sent when the unit arrives, and when it is shipped out with your tracking information.

Please remember to ship your ECU insured and with a tracking number. 

Supported Vehicles

Please click HERE for a current list of supported Mazda Vehicles