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AVO designed this turbocharger kit specifically for the Mazda ND. AVO includes all the necessary supporting components. 

The turbo kit incorporates an AVO18/49 water cooled turbocharger with an internal wastegate using a 5psi actuator. The turbo mounts to AVO’s impressive custom stainless steel cast exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is ceramic coated combating excessive heat under the hood. The exhaust manifold was designed to bolt directly to the stock header and AVO’s upgraded ceramic coated stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe). Keeping all that pressurized air cool is no easy task. AVO has you covered by including one of their industry leading aluminum bar and plate front mount intercoolers. The intercooler kit uses AVO’s world-renowned high quality reinforced custom black silicone piping.

AVO didn’t leave anything uncovered when making this turbo kit. AVO includes all the water/oil lines and fittings making this a true direct bolt on kit. No modifications are necessary making this kit an easy install. This turbo kit has been designed to bolt up to the stock air intake box base. AVO includes their Flat Panel Air Filter and Air Box Lid to maintain the OEM look. There’s no need to worry about the fuel system. During extensive testing AVO spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fueling system for a complete bolt on and drive setup. One of the most sought-after features of this kit was AVO’s ability to maintain the OE look! The oversized front mount intercooler has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper beam without trimming or modification. When the hood is popped it would be hard even for an enthusiast eye to recognize anything that’s been modified or tweaked for additional power.

We have two Tuning options, one is by AVO Turboworld via its Power + Reflash Tool that simply plugs in to the OBD Port and allows you to save your standard NA stock car file. Then by following the on screen commands, this will allow you to flash your car with the AVO Stage 1 base map that is provided with the purchase of the AVO Turboworld Stage 1 kit. Or for the customers who want more from there AVO ND Turbo kit with custom tuning an option of Dynotronics ECUTEK based Race Rom is available

So what can you expect from this kit?

Testing with the stock exhaust system for the Stage 1 showed an increase of 35% approximately. This is being held back by the factory exhaust system which is designed for its normally aspirated application. We mainly have the Stage 1 Kit as such because many people already have exhausts on there vehicles before installing the turbo kit. The MAP will suit with aable.ny upgraded exhaust. By adding a full AVO full 2 1/2" exhaust system to make it a Stage 2 Kit, the vehicle in the USA with our Stage 2 kit produced a 50% power increase on pump gas, and you will see even better gains if you have access to higher octane gas. All this additional power tested safely on the stock fuel system! 

The stock motor has blistering high compression ratio at 13:1, allowing fantastic low-end response when used in conjunction with the AVO turbo kit. This high compression ratio does make gas quality even more important than ever! Turbocharging a high compression engine and maintaining reliability was a little easier due to the all new SKYACTIV motor features. An incredibly well made combustion chamber along with a direct injection fuel system allowed AVO to take tuning to another level while maintaining the reliability of a stock engine. While many people may associate it with the old motors from Mazda, there’s absolutely no comparison! The entire design of the engine was improved tremendously from anything previously made by Mazda.

Mazda focused on much more than just the engine. The technology surrounding the ECU has grown light years from previous models. Cylinder knock detection and variance in the AFR (Air/Fuel Ratios) react incredibly fast. This lightning speed feedback allows the car to adjust ECU parameters better in extreme conditions. What does this mean for you? Your car will maintain efficiency at a safe level ensuring the most power and throttle response. The new direct injection improves both power and gas mileage tremendously. AVO has managed to maintain fuel consumption same as stock, and in some cases better mpg under normal cruising speeds on the highway. Unfortunately mpg is going to be dependent on your right foot and how much fun you’re having. We know from experience!

Why AVO’s Turbo kit over other Turbo kits?

AVO Turboworld has been manufacturing bolt on turbo kits for over 30 years. Their goal has always been to manufacture the turbo kit with the same look and feel you would expect out of a high quality OEM part. This saves you money during installation and having to source or modify custom components when adding a turbo kit to your NA model. AVO is the manufacturer of these kits. We can support the product and our customers who invest in AVO’s turbo kits. If you ever run into an issue due to wear and tear or damaged product, Dynotronics can get you the correct part you’re trying to source. Because AVO has such a strong background in R&D and testing, we found a straight 4 cylinder manifold is susceptible to cracking over time. The factory tubular design has proven to fail prematurely. AVO manufactured a cast Stainless Steel Manifold giving our customers a product they can depend on.

Our intercooler tanks are made from cast aluminum to get the best flow and reliability. All our intercoolers are pressure tested from the factory and powder coated to make sure the product is protected from any debris or grime from daily road driving.

The AVO Turbocharger suits many performance options. It works amazingly well for low boost applications running the 6psi actuator on pump gas. It also has enough headroom for customers who’ve gone beyond stock engine components running 15psi on a 2.0L engine equipped to handle E85 fuel producing 400whp. Under normal conditions this kit can be installed in 7-8 hours from start to finish. This job is much easier to perform using a lift and proper tools. One of the hardest portions of this install is removing the stock header. You’re required to remove the engine mounts which will make installing the turbo kit much easier. Any installation shop will need the ability to weld the turbocharger oil drain fitting. You also have the option to purchase the pre-welded oil pan from AVO. The only modification to any OEM part is to trim the plastic under tray beneath the engine. It needs two 2.5” holes to be cut with a box knife or cutting tool. This will allow proper fitment of the silicone intercooler pipes. Other than that, the installation is straight forward for most independent technicians or DIY’s.

Turbo Kit includes:
AVO 18/49 Turbocharger with Ceramic Coating
AVO Stainless Steel Cast Exhaust Manifold with Ceramic Coating 
AVO Water and Oil Hosing & Fittings
AVO Stainless Steel Front Pipe with Ceramic Coating
AVO Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler with Reinforced Silicone Hosing & Powdercoated Steel Piping
AVO Air Box Top Lid with AVO Drop-In Air Filter

In this kit the ECU TUNING is not included. Please select an option below for tuning. Note : the ECU has to be modified to work with this turbo kit.

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