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2.5 Duratec Stroker Kits

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You asked for it, and now its here! 

You can now increase the displacement of your 2.5 Duratec engine conversion all the way out to 2700 cc's. This is a MASSIVE increase in engine size for the 2.5, and the output increase is about what you would expect, TONS of torque!!

This kit includes the following:

Forged Chrome-Moly Steel 106mm Stroker Crank

6.050" Ultra-Lite Billet Rods

89mm, 89.5mm, 90mm, & 90.5mm Bore Ultra-Lite Domed Pistons

Nitrided Steel, napier, & low-tension rings

Std. Main Bearings

Std. Rod Bearings

Please note; we suggest that at anything over the stock bore of 89 mm be sleeved.

Why should you go with a sleeved block when the 2.5L block already has a 89mm bore size?  

We've seen bore distortion with high power n/a engines as well as sub-500hp turbocharged use with un-sleeved 2.5L blocks.  After sleeving these same blocks blowby was reduced significantly, the cylinder walls lasted longer, and the engines made more power from the improved ring seal!